Person Centred Care

We use the Care Programme Approach Framework for individuals that are in contact with our service and these are the areas covered:

We have arrangements for assessing the health and social needs of people accepted into our services We carry out a Pre-Admission Assessment of all individuals referred to us Reasons for the admission are identified and a treatment plan agreed with the Commissioners Families and the current placement are consulted in this process On admission, individuals have a 72 hour Care Plan which is based on our initial Assessment Within 24 hours all individuals are seen by the GP contracted to us Needs led assessments are completed by the Multi-Disciplinary Team which informs the Care Plans The Care Manager works with us to ensure that the individual is achieving the goals set at the time of admission On admission to our services the individuals are assigned a Primary Nurse and a Support Worker, known as a Key Worker who will co-ordinate the care Regular reviews are carried out.

The individual will have their first CPA Review at 8 weeks and thereafter six monthly with a professional’s meeting at 3 monthly intervals Monthly Progress Reports are sent to the Care Managers and relevant Commissioners We invite the following people to these Reviews, where appropriate: Family Key Worker/Care Manager Individual using our service Advocate Commissioner Members of our Multi-Disciplinary Team Any other key Stakeholders

What We Do