Award Winning Specialist Service in Care

Cawston Park

Jeesal Group have been supporting people with complex needs for over 30 years and has received a number of accolades during this time.

Cawston Park is an award winning independent specialist service registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC). We provide an individualised and comprehensive care pathway that leads to a smooth transition back into the local community or a service of supported living and greater independence.

We have three main units which offer support in both locked and open rehabilitation


Our Mission

To provide a caring and nourishing Centre of Excellence, supporting people with learning disabilities to lead fulfilling lives. We do this by investing in our environment, technological advancements and more importantly our people. By employing caring professionals and investing in their continuous training and development.

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What People Say

Our staff are passionate and care about what they do.

I started with Cawston Park in December 2012 and my journey has seen me going from being newly qualified to Senior Staff Nurse. working for Cawston Park has made me a stronger more independent nurse.

Elaine Stewart

I have been doing voluntary support work at Cawston Park for the last 4 years. I have worked with many residents with a variety of different problems and Cawston Park has proved that hospitals like this are required. There have great staff that work with residents and do a great job to understand and support their needs.

David Grigson

Cawston Park is a diverse and great place to work. Being part of the Cawston Park has granted me the opportunity to grow and develop my career. I am excited to the see the company grow to more success.

Patrick Ngoie

Core Values



  • We are committed to building independence
  • We make a positive difference to people's lives
  • We respond with compassion and kindness to each person's pain, distress or individual need



  • We will treat everyone with dignity and respect
  • We first seek to understand before being understood
  • We value every person as an individual



  • We will always strive to produce excellence
  • We will embrace people’s individuality and creativity
  • We will be proactive


With these values:

  • I Will Care
  • I Will Respect
  • I Will Innovate
  • I Will Demonstrate